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A lot of sites require redundant information that needs to be filled out, but the user is useless. In this regard, we have done so that you yourself choose what is important to you, and what fields you do not want to fill.

We made it so that on one site you can advertise both your website with the indication of only the website, as well as an organization or company with full geo-data.

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Our services can be used in many ways - to search and disseminate information, communicate with people, and create new information.

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We take decisive measures to protect your personal information. We take stringent precautions to protect your data from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, modification or destruction. We never share personal information with third parties, for the exception of personnel who help promote the site, subject to a nondisclosure agreement. Also in the case of the appeal of law enforcement bodies in connection with the illegal activity of users.

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